Keeping Hot Tub Water Fresh and Clean

Our hot tubs all have water filtration systems to circulate and clean the water, and all are delivered with chemical treatments similar to those used in swimming pools to keep the tubs germ free.

However, during your hire period, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your hot tub water remains as clean and fresh as the day we filled it. To keep it simple, we’ve split it into two categories of actions, those to be taken by the hot tub bathers, and those to be taken by the hirer.

Considerations for Bathers

  • Take a shower before entering the tub.
  • Wash off any fake tans, oils, lotions, makeup or skin creams.
  • If getting in and out of the tub, ensure hands and feet are free of grass, mud etc.
  • We leave you a net, if any debris falls into the tub, you can remove it straight away.

Considerations for the Hirer

  • When finished with the tub, place the small chemical cleaner unit into the tub. Ensure it still contains a cleaning tablet.
  • Use the net to fish out any visible debris when finished with the tub.
  • Leave the heating/filtration unit switched on at all times during the hire period.
  • Prior to use, remove the small chemical cleaner unit.
  • Prior to use, remove the filter, clean/replace it as shown during the setup demo, and reconnect it.

These simple steps take only seconds, with a little consideration from your guests, and your tub will remain as fresh on the last day as on the day we set it up.