Hot Tub Delivery and Collection

Hot Tubs for Hire are here to make the whole experience of hiring a hot tub as simple and effort free as possible so that you can enjoy your time with the tub and leave all the work to us. This brief guide tells you what to expect, and what we need, to make sure everything can be done quickly and smoothly for you.

Firstly, have a quick read through our terms and conditions to make sure you have a suitable area for us to install your tub. Essentially we need a flat, suitably sized, debris free area to place the tub, close enough to a water supply, electricity supply and drainage system.

During Delivery

  • We need you to be present during installation, to make sure we put everything where you want it (once full, a tub doesn’t move!), and to check that everything is to your satisfaction. We also need to give you a 5 minute demo of how to operate the tub and keep the water fresh and clean.
  • We place suitable flooring down and erect the tub on it. We will normally, if distance permits, partially fill the tub jointly from an internal hot water tap and an external cold water tap to reduce the tubs heating time. If you prefer, we will just use the outside water tap.
  • We will then assemble and place any other hire equipment to your specification.
  • Normally we leave before your tub is full, so it is important for you to remember to switch off the water once it is full.
  • It takes 45-90 minutes to complete a delivery. We only require your time at the start to give us instructions, and at the end to demo the tub and confirm we’ve met your requirements.

After We’ve Left

  • Your tub will show the water temperature on the heater/air pump. Typically people enjoy a tub heated between 36 and 40 degree centigrade. It takes around 45 minutes to raise the tub’s water temperature by one degree centigrade.
  • In our experience, and based on the outside temperature and how full your tub is, it takes 12-18 hours from delivery until your tub hits 40 degree centigrade.
  • The heater/pump should be left on during the whole period of hire to keep the water warm and as clean as possible. You can turn it off once you no longer wish to use it.

On Collection

  • We will empty the tub and disassemble any hire equipment.
  • All hire equipment is checked for damage/loss on site.
  • We normally take 30-45  minutes from arrival to departure.

Should you have any questions prior to hire, please contact us to make sure we can satisfy your needs.